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Macro Set Ups and Toddlers...

Seriously a challenge.  How many times in one little 20 minute (if that?) span of time can I say "don't touch that" "please don't touch" "no no don't touch that".  Ohhhhhh curious 2 year old---you make it tough to do a set up!  She was very interested though.  Matilda has been using an old Canon point and shoot lately.  She actually holds out the camera and decides what she is going to take a photo of.  Tonight it was her cute baby feet, Mitzu pug, and a great shot of her dinner.  I can't wait until she is just a little bit bigger and I can help her do her own photo set up (you I can do mine too!)  So anyways---not my best lately, but I got the camera out and gave it a go.  I miss taking photos on a whim.

A Snake Skin, A Paper Wasp Nest, and Some Confetti

Keeping the Zen

Photography Life With a Toddler

It's tough to do a photo setup with a toddler running  around.  I'm trying though.  The trick is to give Matilda an art project to work on or ask her opinion on the photos I've already shot.