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what fridays are all about

I Loved Shooting Photos on Vacation But...

I miss my macro lens when I'm away. I am most passionate about macro photography.

museums rule

Glass at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Philadelphia Museum of Art Musée Rodin- Paris Mus ée du Louvre-Paris Billy The Kid Museum-Ft. Sumner, NM Kimbell Art Museum-Ft. Worth Texas

I love sweets...

Sticky buns from williams- sonoma Homemade miniature cheesecakes---my mom made Homemade chocolate cake m&m cookies! cake balls

Coming Soon-----

For all of my photography blog followers I will soon be doing a framed and signed photo print giveaway. Be sure to click that follow button there on the left. Please email me if you have any questions about following this blog. Details about the giveaway to come! Thank you all for following me here!

Texas, SoCal, Texas.

(this is the street that runs perpendicular to the street we live on. this is a digital shot (Canon 40d), close to sunset) So what made you leave sunny Southern California and a mere 15 minute drive to the beach to live out on 5 acres in dry, hot Texas you ask- (this photo is of "Big Tex" at the Texas State Fair. It is a film photo shot in b&w with my Minolta SRT mc -II) You see, I grew up in Texas from the age of 3, until I moved out to California at the age of 22. (Don't tell anyone I wasn't born here though! I completely consider myself a native. My husband was born here, but I've lived in the state longer!) There is just something about Texas that you can't leave behind. People who were born here, lived here, or live here now get it. Living in or being from Texas comes with a certain pride about where you live. It really is like no where else you will ever visit or live. (A Texas Longhorn. Walking distance from our home. I believe this was

Death Valley, Baker California, and the Mad Greek Cafe

On a trip to Death Valley one day while we still lived in California we encountered some interesting places. It was the first of many adventures with my Lomo lc -a. Did you know that Death Valley is the lowest, hottest, and dryest place in North America? Its eery and beautiful. I highly recommend visiting but read up first. Get a map (they do have a little visitors center and if I remember correctly we bought a map there). Pack precautionary things in case your car breaks down. Lots and lots of water is a must. Oh and just be smart about time and where you are. Death Valley is one of those places you could easily get lost, and also one of those places you really don't want to get lost in. Most importantly though, if you end up driving through Baker, California you have to...and I mean have to stop at the Mad Greek Cafe. The first time I ate here was on one of our adventures out to Kelso Dunes and the Joshua Tree Forest (I will post photos of that later). From then o

Cadillac Ranch-Amarillo Texas

On a drive back to Texas from Southern California (Orange County) we decided to go home by way of Amarillo. I had seen Cadillac Ranch on a tv show and just knew we had to stop. We actually drove right by it...but realized we had and turned around. It was well worth the stop. You can spray paint the cars and for me taking photos there was so much fun!

I have an obsession with shallow DoF and bokeh.