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 We had the best school day yesterday (we're all happiest when it's centered around Science!)  Today, we'll observe the egg in vinegar and see what happened.  We will also do a hard boiled egg to compare the differences.  I always said that I would never homeschool.  Sometimes we get thrown into situations that we never expected!  I have no problem running with a challenge, though.  It's been challenging but we definitely are seeing the benefits, only a few weeks in!  So proud of Matilda accepting this as well. I'm sharing just a few throwback macros today because I'm genuinely not sure where my day will take me!  I started a garage overhaul this weekend and it's about time I finalized that project. Let me know if you need any prints!

Egg in Vinegar

 Starting Monday with The Scientific Method! Matilda was interested in putting an egg in vinegar experiment.   She asked her question,  made her hypothesis, listed her materials, and wrote the procedure.  So excited to see this process!

Friday (again???)

That's the thing about 2020, before I know it,  it's another Friday.  The days definitely have been flowing into one another, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm never one to rush any of it. Every day really is too important.  But, you know, 2020 (total crap year!) Matilda is going with her grandparents,  so we skipped lessons today!  We'll miss her but the breaks are good! My kid-free goals are massive amounts of photography,  tackling my closet, sort the garage, and organize the pantry. We'll see what really gets accomplished.  I'm working on sharing Fall, but also thinking ahead to Winter and Christmas. I will be offering cards this year, but I plan on doing everything early.  Who knows what Winter will bring.

Fall is Coming Quickly

   We've had a warm (but not miserable) Summer this year.  It's also been drought-like and dry!  Yesterday, we played outside early so that we could beat the rain.  I'm glad we did!  It rained from 9 a.m. until bedtime.  Matilda rocked school and was doing things until 2 p.m.  Then we put up a tent in the living room and watched Hocus Pocus.  We definitely are in our Fall moods now. The hummingbird migration is in full swing.  We had so many buzzing all over the yard during the rain yesterday.  I have new food made and ready to go now! Typically at this time of the year, I offer Halloween photography cards.  It's been the weirdest year!  Is there any interest in keeping the postal service alive?  Let me know if anyone would like a pack of pumpkin cards.  I love printing and packaging these up.  I will offer these for the entire month of September.  Just send me a message! Is anyone else starting Fall decorating?  Today may have to be my attic day!  I want to see how you

We Made It!

  We made it to September in the weirdest year ever!  If you know me, you know Summertime is the BEST time.  I love planting things, birding, and mowing.  We are outdoors more than we are indoors.  I have a love-hate with Fall.  Our Summers are just that good but I LOVE decorating for Fall.  Today is supposed to be rainy, so we will do school first and then give the house a good deep clean.  I promised Matilda that if we're all caught up by Wednesday, I will make a visit to the attic and do pumpkin inventory! In the Winter as our pumpkins (the ones we've purchased) begin to break down, we have a pumpkin smashing fest in the backyard.  We are on five acres, so we just go outside the fence and start pitching them.  We've done this for the past few years.  Well, this year, we had pumpkins start growing where we smashed them.  We've been babying them, but also letting nature take care of them.  We have two pumpkins that I can see.  There may be one or two more!  I'll tr