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a few through the viewfinder shots

my lomo and my self-built pinhole are both begging to be used!

its that time of year again...

You know...the one where we start finding interesting insect eggs in the yard! (I don't know what the first two are but I think the bottom one is a Praying Mantis egg case!)

a few of my favorites :)

springy goodness from the yard

a couple new shots for the artist series-

wished for sun and it came out!

***please don't miss the contest on my facebook fan page. the winner will get 1 8x10 of their choice of my photos. see the previous blog post for a link!


For those of you interested and on facebook, I did make a page for my photography. Click Here Today is the first day of a new "guess the photo" contest. The rules are on the photo and if there are multiple right answers then all of those names will go into a hat for a drawing! Thanks for joining and playing!

a busy week ahead

The beginnings of my artist series-

scale perspective

Some of my little flowery photos are really little! (well and my other macros too-) If I'm outside with the dog I may sit in the grass and look for the tiniest of flowers or bugs. Sometimes since my photos are so close up to the subject its hard to envision what size they are in real life. So today I shot a few macros but then took my point and shoot camera and took a couple of photos so that you could see how tiny they are.