Thursday, March 4, 2010

scale perspective

Some of my little flowery photos are really little! (well and my other macros too-) If I'm outside with the dog I may sit in the grass and look for the tiniest of flowers or bugs. Sometimes since my photos are so close up to the subject its hard to envision what size they are in real life. So today I shot a few macros but then took my point and shoot camera and took a couple of photos so that you could see how tiny they are.


Sean G said...

I love this sort of thing, where you give a perspective, because it makes the macros even more amazing. The thing I like best tho is seeing those scraps of paper and whatnot in the background, as now I have a better idea how you set up some of these amazing shots!

zenmasterlars said...

thanks Sean!!!!! yes I do a lot at the table----I love different colored tissue papers, natural paper, and sparkly things for nice bokeh :)