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Texas, SoCal, Texas.

(this is the street that runs perpendicular to the street we live on. this is a digital shot (Canon 40d), close to sunset)

So what made you leave sunny Southern California and a mere 15 minute drive to the beach to live out on 5 acres in dry, hot Texas you ask-
(this photo is of "Big Tex" at the Texas State Fair. It is a film photo shot in b&w with my Minolta SRT mc-II)

You see, I grew up in Texas from the age of 3, until I moved out to California at the age of 22. (Don't tell anyone I wasn't born here though! I completely consider myself a native. My husband was born here, but I've lived in the state longer!) There is just something about Texas that you can't leave behind. People who were born here, lived here, or live here now get it. Living in or being from Texas comes with a certain pride about where you live. It really is like no where else you will ever visit or live.(A Texas Longhorn. Walking distance from our home. I believe this was shot with the Canon 60d.)

But seriously, you say, you would leave that 15 minutes drive to the coast. That beautiful drive to the pacific ocean and one of your favorite beaches in the world to live out in podunk? Well, yea! Did I tell you about North Texas traffic? It pretty much rules. Yes, I just said traffic rules. Even the drive down into Dallas (which I always find exciting and fun) is comfortable. Now have you ever been in California traffic? Its scary, unpredictable, and irritating. You see, when I get in an airplane (even with all the freaky stories) I never feel in danger. Deep down I genuinely know that I will never be dying in a plane related anything so I have no issues with flying. Driving on the 405 in SoCal though, freaks me out more than most things. (and I'm not a "scared" person). I could totally see me dying in California traffic. Its that bad.(This was taken from our driveway just a couple of months ago. They are mammatus clouds forming at the edge of a thunderstorm. This was shot with the Canon 40d)(in March of 2007 we got pounded with actually more snow than I've ever seen in my life. I was an hour south of our home when it started and it took me pretty much 3 hours to get home. It was by far my scariest driving experience! I drove 20mph the entire way home. This was shot with my point and shoot camera-Canon powershot)

So what's so great about Texas??? Well, the people for one. Rarely ever have I ever felt the need to get in a fight with anyone out here. People are polite and considerate and when someone asks you how you are...well, they really want to hear how you are! But what about the weather??? Oh Texas weather. I have a love/hate relationship with Texas weather. We don't get intense 4 seasons like the upper North East of the country. Actually our "seasons" are all over the place. Take for instance, Fall. Fall in Texas begins anywhere from the end of September through October. It can be very confusing. I remember Halloween as a child and it was 90 degrees outside. In the same regard, I remember Halloween as a child and we got snow! Winters here typically hang around the 50s. Then all of a sudden we will get a random cold front and it will dump snow for a day. Yea, I said a day-and you can usually see green grass through the snow. Spring is always exciting and wonderful, as I imagine it is in most places in our country (you know except those ones that get snow until Summer! ick!). My birthday and Easter both fall in Texas Spring time. On my birthday you never know if its going to be 50 degrees or in the 80s! And Summertime. Oh Texas Summer. You better enjoy 100 degrees. Its not bad if you are eating tacos and drinking margaritas...but when you want to go on a jog...not so fun.

I grew up in the suburbs right outside of Dallas and never ever thought I would be into living in the country. After Josh and I lived in Southern California for a while the idea began to grow and grow. Now I can't imagine living anywhere else! Really, there is so much I want to talk to you about Texas so I am going to probably do another post or two.(This was Josh mowing up part of our 5 acres. It is quite a job. I do most of it now. I am typically out there for 3 hours to mow about 80% of the yard. Its fun though and I wouldn't change this for the world! This was shot with the Canon 40d)


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