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Death Valley, Baker California, and the Mad Greek Cafe

On a trip to Death Valley one day while we still lived in California we encountered some interesting places. It was the first of many adventures with my Lomo lc-a. Did you know that Death Valley is the lowest, hottest, and dryest place in North America? Its eery and beautiful. I highly recommend visiting but read up first. Get a map (they do have a little visitors center and if I remember correctly we bought a map there). Pack precautionary things in case your car breaks down. Lots and lots of water is a must. Oh and just be smart about time and where you are. Death Valley is one of those places you could easily get lost, and also one of those places you really don't want to get lost in.Most importantly though, if you end up driving through Baker, California you have to...and I mean have to stop at the Mad Greek Cafe. The first time I ate here was on one of our adventures out to Kelso Dunes and the Joshua Tree Forest (I will post photos of that later). From then on, we always made a note to be hungry if we were heading in that direction! The lamb gyros are perfect. Josh is just taken by their gigantic strawberry shake... I must admit it was delicious! Their pastries are nice too. Bathrooms are decent. Oh and expect to wait in line for your food. I don't think I've ever been there when there wasn't a crowd. They do an excellent business.


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