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here is a little photographic mix...its kinda how my mind has been.

Lately, thinking about holidays rushing towards us, chores I need to get done, and a house that continues to need cleaning, I've been less than photographically inspired. It may be the slight seasonal change, it may be just thinking about all that needs to get done. Its just been really busy. I think I need to rearrange my priorities! Photo inspiration should be top of the list!
This was one of my favorites that came out of the week. As blooms begin to fall off the hibiscus, sometimes I will save them long enough for them to dry out so much they change color. Personally, I prefer them dead and dried (at least for photos that is!).
While thinking about my photographic discontent this week, I decided to pull out my polaroid sx-70. I find when you need to get inspired its best to mix it up from your norm. Because polaroid film is no longer in production and because I can't justify paying what it costs a lot of times on ebay I am hoarding my film. When I say hoarding I rarely ever, ever use it. I'm happy I did this week though. I got a couple of nice photos out of it.
I have to say, this was my favorite polaroid from the week! If you didn't read on flickr, she actually listened to me directing her where to sit with the pumpkin. If you are thinking about getting a dog, I highly, and I mean HIGHLY recommend a rescue.
We had a cold front that blew in from the North just a couple of days ago. With it came a little bit of rain and really awesome cloud formations. I was concerned about the storm right before it hit. It seemed there was a lot of lightning associated with it and I actually got to see some cloud rotation right from my porch. When it hit though, we got maybe 10 minutes of hard rain and then it blew away. The sun came out and the lighting was amazing! After the sunset, to the South of us, there was actually a good lightning show in the clouds. Above our house was clear but just right to the South were these puffy clouds with a symphony of lightning. It was interesting though, when I came in the house and checked the radar, nothing showed up.
The insects are still really active in the evenings. I went out to the mound of wildflowers that have taken over the backyard (I really need to mow!). I got a few shots of this damselfly. Most importantly though I wanted to share her beautiful texture and color. I really would have liked to have gotten more photos that night, but I got chased into the home by the mother of all mosquitoes. She was like a 10 pounder. So I decided to call it quits that night. Don't want to catch West Nile, even if it means getting the shot!

Please, if you have any photo questions for me don't hesitate to comment here or email me . I'm more than happy to share with you how I got some of my photos and what kind of equipment I use. I also sell packs of photo cards for most of my photos. In addition to that, I do offer prints (framed and unframed, but all with a mat and signed). Unfortunately, because of a lightning strike to my home a few months ago, my beautiful, large printer died. So prints are on an individual basis right now, so if you are interested just email me. Thank you for visiting my photo blog!


Michele said…
Your photos are so gorgeous!
zenmasterlars said…
you're awesome---thank you so much Michele :):):)

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