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the baby mantids hatched yesterday-

So about 2 months ago I found this weird thing under my rocking chair outside.  It turns out this is a mantid egg case!  So every other time I would take Mitzu outside I would check and check to see if anything came out of it...and nothing.  Finally I gave up thinking it was a dud or maybe not even an egg case!  Then...yesterday...I went outside mid-afternoon to see bugs all over my rocker.  Well, they weren't just any bugs!  They were baby, itty bitty mantids!!!!!  I ran for my camera, took lots of photos and even some video!
 This one was on my arm!!!
on top of the rocker!
upside down on a flower!


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 We had the best school day yesterday (we're all happiest when it's centered around Science!)  Today, we'll observe the egg in vinegar and see what happened.  We will also do a hard boiled egg to compare the differences.  I always said that I would never homeschool.  Sometimes we get thrown into situations that we never expected!  I have no problem running with a challenge, though.  It's been challenging but we definitely are seeing the benefits, only a few weeks in!  So proud of Matilda accepting this as well. I'm sharing just a few throwback macros today because I'm genuinely not sure where my day will take me!  I started a garage overhaul this weekend and it's about time I finalized that project. Let me know if you need any prints!

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