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Days Gone By

 I started blogging in early 2000 (yea like the year 2000!)  Blogging is how I met my husband of now 15 years.  2020 has been a year.  Social media lately has been, well,  interesting, so I've decided to get back here for direction. 

We decided to homeschool our 9 year old for this school year to keep both Josh and her grandparents safe.  That in itself has been the most interesting adventure.  I will try to share with you a bit here over the next few weeks.  I think what makes it extra interesting is that it is not my passion and was never something I wanted to do.

 Since this year has been just one big adjustment, I really have neglected my photography.  So here's to creative future days with energy directed to inspire! Thanks for following.

Our first Science unit has been about our solar system.  I love to set up photos that look like imaginary planets or elements from our solar system.


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 We had the best school day yesterday (we're all happiest when it's centered around Science!)  Today, we'll observe the egg in vinegar and see what happened.  We will also do a hard boiled egg to compare the differences.  I always said that I would never homeschool.  Sometimes we get thrown into situations that we never expected!  I have no problem running with a challenge, though.  It's been challenging but we definitely are seeing the benefits, only a few weeks in!  So proud of Matilda accepting this as well. I'm sharing just a few throwback macros today because I'm genuinely not sure where my day will take me!  I started a garage overhaul this weekend and it's about time I finalized that project. Let me know if you need any prints!
2021 Has been the best year to get my camera out.  I'm going to work on being better about sharing here.  These are just a few of this year's photos!