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Outdoor Movies

 After almost losing Josh in 2012, I feel that situation has greatly affected our views on covid. This has turned into such an individual situation.  There are no right or wrong answers in how we proceed this year. For my family, the risks are too great and we have chosen to wear masks, stay home often, and dive headfirst into home school.  We have friends and loved ones who have gotten sick and it's not pretty.  Who knows?  We really may have had this in late February right before things shut down (having Josh as an asymptomatic carrier---which would be awesome!)  I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring,  but this is working for us for now.  We definitely are living in the moment and are blessed to be able to have made these choices.

We want things to go back to normal so bad.  While that doesn't seem to be in the cards for us here in the near future, we are doing things here at the house to help bring joy and motivation for the next season (Guys! We made it to September!)  We enjoy our time by the campfire at the cabin so much that we wanted that type of space here at the house.  We've put in a patio and the fire pit will go on it next week.  Furniture will be here soon, as well.  We ordered a projector and screen because who doesn't want to sit by a fire on a crisp night watching a favorite movie?  When asked what my favorite movie/movies are, I always draw a blank! So I'm working on compiling my favorites so that we can watch them all Fall and Winter.  I'd love to hear some of your top movies! Here are a few of mine that I'll be adding to.  We start school in an hour so I just can't get sucked down this rabbit hole any longer!



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